Turkey Incubation

The incubation period is 28 days in turkey. There are two methods of incubation.

(a) Natural incubation with broody hens:
Naturally turkeys are good brooders and the broody hen can hatch 10-15 numbers of eggs. Only clean eggs with good eggshell and shape should be placed for brooding to get 60-80% hatchability and healthy poults.

(b) Artificial Incubation:
In artificial incubation, eggs are hatched with the help of incubators. The temperature and relative humidity in setter and hatcher are as follows:

Temperature(Degree F)
Setter 99.5
Hatcher 99.5
Relative humidity (%)
Setter 61-63
Hatcher 85-90

Egg should be turned at hourly intervals daily. Eggs should be collected frequently to prevent soiling and breakage and also to get better hatchability.

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  1. obianuju ekoyo says:

    i’m highly interested in starting a turkey business but unfortunately there are no incubators in my state is there any other way i can hatch the eggs.ps;she refuse to sit on the eggs

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