Floor, feeder and waterer space requirement of turkeys

Age Floor Space
(Sq .Ft)
Feeder Space (cms)
(Linear feeder)
Waterer Space (cms)
(Linear waterer)
0-4 weeks 1.25 2.5 1.5
5-16 weeks 2.5 5.0 2.5
16-29 weeks 4.0 6.5 2.5
Turkey breeder 5.0 7.5 2.5

The temperament of turkeys is usually nervous; hence they get panicky at all stages. Hence entry of visitors in to the turkey’s house should be restricted.
Feed: The methods of feeding are mash feeding and pellet feeding.
*  The energy, protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for turkeys are high when compared to chicken.
*  Since the energy and protein requirements for the both sexes vary they must be reared separately for better results.
*  Feed should be given in feeders and not on the ground.
*  Whenever change is made from one diet to another it should be carried out gradually.
*  Turkeys require a constant and clean water supply at all times.
*  Provide more number of waterers during summer.
*  Feed turkeys during the cooler parts of the day during summer.
*  Provide shell grit at the rate of 30-40 gm per day per bird to avoid the leg weakness.

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